Friday, 4 September 2015

Windows, walls and a staircase


Today our triple glazed windows have arrived from Estonia. They made it all the away across Europe, and are now sitting in our conservatory looking very lovely. They are the size specified (big sigh of relief), the right colour and seem to be just what we had hoped for. The insulating fixing foam has also arrived. Just the installation stage to get over next week, and then we can start enjoying them.

Being triple glazed they are heavier than normal windows - with the larger one being over 80kg - it's lucky we have helpful (and strong) builders to help move them.

Insulation before and after plastering
The Pavadry solid wall insulation has now been added to the first floor bedroom. The plasterer who installed it had worked with lime based plasters / adhesives before, so he was happy installing it. Lime plaster / adhesive is used between the bricks and the Pavadry, with plasterboard and a skim of conventional plaster on top. He's done a lovely, neat job. The only sign that it has been installed is that the walls are now 70mm wider than they were before - meaning there is an extra width of reveal around the window.

We now have a staircase between the first floor and loft rooms, most of the plastering is done, and the second fix of carpentry etc will be beginning next week.

Solar PV
Installation should begin next week. The scaffolders who were supposed to turn up today haven't, but hopefully they'll be here early next week.


  1. Can I ask who your plasterer is? We are looking to get internal insulation installed in a couple of bedrooms, and struggling to find someone who is confident with both the installation of the insulation and the plastering (we live in Eynsham). Good luck with the whole project!

  2. The plasterer, Elliot, works for Oxon Conversions - for contact details, see their web site:
    He did a really professional job fitting the insulation as well as the plastering - I have a picture of the insulation installation - will add to blog soon.
    Thanks for your good wishes.

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