Friday, 11 September 2015

Two uses of light

Our triple-glazed windows are now fitted into the window frames, with just the external cover strips left to attach. They are very nice looking windows and, most importantly, fit the holes available.

Solar PV
PV panel specification
Our solar panels have now been attached the front roof of the house, which is west-facing. There are six of them, adding up to just under 2kW capacity - 1.962kWp to be precise.  Together these are estimated to generate 1,626kWh per year - which is around 200kWh per year less than our typical annual electricity consumption. So even though this is a small system, we are almost generating enough electricity to meet our own needs. They have been fitted by JoJu Solar. Next week the electrical connection to the panels will be attached, and electricity will start to flow.

This is our third renewable energy system, after the solar water heating and a wood burner, but the only one that is visible to the outside world. Although, via Superhomes, we have been promoting our house as an eco-home, it's never looked particularly different to other homes on the street before - which I quite liked.

But there were half a million solar roofs by 2014, so it's not an unusual sight these days, and indeed our system is considerably smaller than another PV installation up the road. So, no need to feel that we're investing in ostentatious eco-bling, just a normal part of the UK street scape.

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