Friday, 28 October 2016

Yet more solid wall insulation.

I hoped not to be writing anything further on this blog. I hoped our renovation days were over for some years to come. However, life has not worked out quite like that. While were were on holiday this summer, we had a water leak from our new loft bathroom, which came through the front bedroom ceiling on the first floor. Our neighbours, alerted by a suspicious dripping sound when feeding our hamster, prevented serious damage by heroically deploying buckets, sheeting, moving furniture, turning off water and draining tanks.

Bedroom wall awaiting insulation
Nevertheless, our bedroom ceiling still needed replacing, and so while we were having that disruption we have decided to add Pavatex insulation to the bedroom wall - as it only has a thin layer of insulated wallpaper on it at the moment. This has meant having the plaster removed from the relevant walls. We have bought the insulation material and the lime bonding material - awaiting fixing early next week.

What we haven 't been able to get is anyone professional to do the work. This perennial problem doesn't seem to be getting any easier to solve. So, very reluctantly, and with the help of a friend who has done this before, we are going to be installing our own internal wall insulation. Hopefully.  I suspect we will emerge from this experience with even more respect for the skilled craftsmen who normally do this work and, if we're really lucky, just-about-acceptably-insulated walls.

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  1. Can't get anyone to install it - this sounds familiar!! I'm also doing home renovation and about to try pavadentro (or pavadry), how did you get on?